Advanced Training

In this video, Cosby doing ADVANCED WORK positioning skills, wait in down, sit and stand, come to right side heel, back up straight, back to right side heel, let’s go. Cosby is now also working in harness doing straight lines, finding and “marking” curbs, and moving turns.


Your Collie for Mobility & Support can help you get up from the floor or from a chair. Your partner has been taught to “BRACE” against both pressure and pull. You can rise to your knees, place your hand on his withers, and apply pressure as you ask him to “STAND”. He will brace against the pressure you apply, until you are on your feet. You’ll never again have to worry about being stuck, or struggling to get up alone!

Up and Down Curbs

Your Collie partner will come to an up-curb and step up before you, pausing to provide support for you as you step up. Going down is just the opposite, your partner will STOP to indicate the step; then step down first and pause to provide support for you as you step down. This system allows you to move straight forward without twisting your body and without the need for a handrail!

Moving Turns

Your Collie partner is present to help you move smoothly and with less effort. As you approach turns or curves in your path, all you need to do is say “LEFT” or “RIGHT” and your partner will move smoothly to the left or right, at your working pace.


When you want to “STOP” all you need to do is say so. Your partner will stop in a standing position to provide support. If you have stopped to talk or visit with a friend, your partner will automatically lie down to draw less attention to himself. When you’re ready to go, simply ask your partner to “GET UP”, place your hand on the harness, and you’re on your way!

Restaurants, Lectures, Meetings, Etc.

Our Collies for Mobility & Support are taught to be inconspicuous in public. You will find your partner automatically settling quietly by your chair in restaurants and other public places. They will be welcome everywhere at no extra cost to you!


Training has fully prepared each dog to assist their partner in climbing and descending stairs safely. Special care and attention to detail during Team Training is key in introducing a new team to the challenge of work on stairs. This work clearly shows how the partners learn to respect eachothers efforts and needs. Your Service Dog will move to the next step, either up or down, only when your weight is balanced, and pressure is off the harness handle. Only then is it clear to the dog that you are ready and able to move on. Once positioned on the next step your dog is able to brace against the pressure or pull on the harness as you take your next step.


In entering and exiting buses, safety of the team is critical. The dogs are taught to enter first so they are in place to help with balance and mobility at the top of the stairs when you enter. They exit after you, both to avoid pulling on the leash as they as they exit, and to leave the narrow stairs available for you as you exit. They then exit themselves and provide support and help with mobility as you leave the area.


The dogs are trained to take you to the back safety rail of the elevator as you enter. This ensures you reach the support of the rail smoothly and safely before the elevator begins to move. After the elevator comes to a stop, your canine partner will wait for your request “LETS GO” before moving to exit. In this way you can move when you are balanced and comfortable.

Team Training

Team Training is a personalized intensive learning period for our dogs, for you (our client), and for your Primary Support Person. During Team Training, you will learn to become partners with your new Service Dog. You will learn a lot about eachother! Together, you will work with a trainer full time, and experience many of the things you will encounter at home. During this time you will learn how to care for your dog, work with him, maintain his training, love him and meet all his needs. The role of your Primary Support Person as canine caregiver and team supporter is defined and practiced. Areas where you will need help in caring for your dog are identified; and routines are established to meet these needs.

Team Training takes place in Corvallis, OR. Team Training is a combination of an extended stay in Corvallis (1 week for return clients/2 weeks for first time clients) and a series of 4-6 weekly sessions in Corvallis following the initial stay. You may need to make special arrangements if you are an out-of-state client.

Following this Team Training period, we require a monthly written update, for 6 months, from you and/or your Primary Support Person. This allows us to follow the development of your partnership as a “Team”, and to continue to offer support and guidance if needed.