Mobility Collies: More from Stasha


Mobility dog Stash from Kings Valley Collies in Corvallis, Oregon, assists partner Shiela on vacation.Stash was in total control in her part of “the happening”. Every time I sat she immediately laid down at feet. Our friend, Elmer, took us up to the hospital. Obviously, he walks much faster than I do, but this did not seem to phase Stasha a bit. She just keep walking at my side at my pace. When I got tired she slowed her pace.

Stash got several compliments on her behavior.

We were well received everywhere we went.We had no problem with access whether it was in the waiting room or in Mike’s room. Things have really changed since 1995. Like always I heard several “collie” stories, which is wonderful to help pass the time.

Mike is doing fantastic!

Hugs, Shiela

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