Mobility Collies: Silly's Story

Kings Valley Collies mobility dog Silly helps his partner Meghla.“Silly is sort of counter weight…Meg pulls up (and towards Meg) on the harness, and Silly pulls down and away from Meg…this keeps Meg steady.”

December 24, 1999

by Meg’s mom

Kings Valley Collies mobility dog Silly helps his partner Meghla, even when she's in a wheelchair.“…we are gearing up for Christmas…I believe Silly is the big present this year…We have been shopping, to the Vet, to the movie…all were successful.

“The Vet is great. Very nice, cooperative, knowledgable… Vet was a little blown away by how fabulously healthy and sound and incredible Silly is!!! So congratulations and thank you are in order…she is one terrific beast….really a great person. Thanks for training her so well.”

January 17, 2000

Kings Valley Collies mobility dog Silly with his partner Meghla.“Meg and Silly seem to have school pretty well worked out. She and Silly have lunch in one of her classrooms. Her teachers tell me she is now being surrounded by her friends at lunch…they all want to hang out with Meg and Silly, and they have a good time. …Silly.. .is wonderful, gorgeous. The perfect dog.”

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