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Kings Valley Collies dam Truly.The beautiful and sound nr. Ch. Kings Valley Love Me True, HC, TC. Truly is Normal Eyed, MDR-1 n/n, has a straight tail with correct carriage! Sired by Group Winning Ch.& Int.Ch. Kings Valley Master of the Gold HC., TC. ex Ch. Kings Valley As You Like It, HC., TC. SvcD. retired

Kings Valley Honey and her pups

Kings Valley Collies dam Honey.


HONEY’S litter – dob 2/5/06 – is line-bred on some of the great, significant Collies of the recent past (and present), namely:

  • CH. Marnus Golden Ruler, ROM. (Honey’s sire). AM/ CAN.
  • CH. Gambits Freeze Frame,HIC, ROM. AM/CAN.
  • CH, Kings Valley Confidante, HC, TC,TDI, CGC, PT, VC. as wel as
  • CH. Kings Valley Satelite Sister
  • CH. Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter, ROM (sire to Satelite Sister).

These dogs figure prominently in their pedigree; they are also among our all-time favorites.

MEET SOME OF HONEY’S “ACHIEVERS” & read about their exciting & challenging work…

Kings Valley Claudette

Kings Valley Collies dog Claudette from KVC dam Honey.

From Pam H. Claudette’s partner: “Dear Kings Valley Collies, this is Pam H. from Southern California…I wanted to let you know that Claudette is a great Guide Dog. My students at the university admire her immensely, and my husband and son love her more than I thought possible. She is so special and I’m so thankful that she and I are partners. As I’m writing this Claudette is by my side watching the screen as I give her the body rub she knows she deserves. I just wanted to let you know that you have bred a wonderful Collie. Thanks so much,” Pam.

Photo: Pam & Claudette, and Honey & Andrea after the graduation ceremony for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.

Kings Valley Love Me True

Kings Valley Collies dog Truly from KVC dam Honey.

Truly now with 10 points (two 4-point majors + 2 minors) earned on one circuit in stiff California competition (over Specials). Truly is well on the way to her Championship – from the puppy classes! With normal eyes, full round muzzle, complete dentition, and a lovely, long, flat back-skull, Truly has much to offer. Her steady, happy nature and unflappable temperament assure s her contributions to our breeding and training programs which strive to produce great show, working, and Assistance dogs.

Photo: Truly at 9+ months. She was sired by Group Placing Kings Valley Master Of The Gold, HC, Pointed (Flynn).

Kings Valley Wonder of Wonders (Pella)

Kings Valley Collies dog Sunny from KVC dam Honey works as a service dog.

Kings Valley Collies dog Sunny from KVC dam Honey.Pella, aka SUNNY, is an Alzheimer’s Aid Dog working in Israel. Sunny is doing an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. As her partner’s health is deteriorating to attacks of epilepsy, Sunny is proving not merely her ability and skill as an Alzheimer’s Aid Dog, but is now alerting to imminent seizure episodes as well. In the words of her new partner’s family, “Sunny is the barometer of the patient. Better than electronic equipment; totally reliable.”

Photos: Now a professional working dog, Sunny is pictured here during her training in Tel Aviv, Israel with Center Director Yariv Ben Yosef. Sunny’s sire is CH. Barksdale Lochlaren Laision, HC.

Kings Valley Walter

Kings Valley Collies dog Walter from KVC dam Honey.

Kings Valley Walter is a service dog to be. “Walter is a robust and energetic one year old who loves to run, chase balls, and snatch frisbees right out of the air! He is a loving and affectionate companion; and has inherited Honey’s intelligence and outstanding ability to interact with people. His behavior is happy, and measured in work and play. He is also a proud Service Dog in Training, that will one day be able to help Dennis with balance during his bouts of vertigo. Walter has been a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to enjoying his beauty, grace, and flamboyant personality for many years to come.” – Charlene & Dennis, Oregon

Photo: Walter is sired by Group placing Kings Valley Master Of The Gold, HC, Pointed.

Kings Valley Liberty

Kings Valley Collies dog Liberty from KVC dam Honey.

Kings Valley Collies dog Liberty from KVC dam Honey.“Here are some new pictures of Liberty, made today. She is looking very good and is maturing nicely, her head is very pretty. Her next show is our biggest show in Amsterdam. She can compete there for the Youth Winner title. The Dutch Guide Dog School has reserved 2 puppies from Liberty’s first litter!”

Photos: Liberty is pictured at 1 year old. She is sired by Group. placing Kings Valley Master Of The Gold, HC, Pointed.

Kings Valley Espresso

Kings Valley Collies dog Espresso from KVC dam Honey with awards.

Kings Valley Collies dog Espresso from KVC dam Honey.“I just wanted to pass a picture along from the USDAA agility trial held this last weekend up in Graham, WA. Espresso did awesome! I had her signed up for 7 events, and of the 7 runs she had 5 qualifying legs… 3 of which were 1st place!!… that is phenomenal! I just wanted to say “thank you” again for a wonderful dog…she’s a great agility dog, with lots of natural drive and has been very easy to work with and train. She’s got a great personality… I’ve really enjoyed having her!” – Steve in Oregon

Photos: Espresso is sired by CH. Kings Valley Cavalier, HC, TC, TDI, CGC.

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